Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will our photography session happen? 

A: If you are booking a custom portrait session, the answer to this question is that the location is entirely up to you. It can be in your home, in a park, at a farm, in a parking garage, or any place! It all depends on the look and style you are looking for.  If you don't have any ideas on location, I have a list of my own very favorite places to shoot at that you can pick from.

Locations in western Placer County, California are included in my session fee. If you desire a location outside my normal operating area, I can certainly make that happen for you with the addition of a nominal travel fee, which is based on mileage.

Q: What time of day will our session be?

A: Ideally, the best time of day for a session is an hour or two before sunset. This time of day yields the warmest, yummiest, creamiest sunlight. However, I realize that this time is not always possible due to baby and toddler nap times. If that is a consideration we will work around it. If we had to pick between great sunlight or a happy toddler, the happy toddler wins hands down!

Q: What do we wear to our session?

A: Once you book a session I will give you loads of great guidance on how to select clothing types and colors to help you look your best.

Q: What if it rains or someone gets sick on the day of our session?

A: Weather does happen, and when it does we will reschedule to a better day.

If you or someone in your family happens to come down with an illness please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule. You'll be happier with your results if you are in tip top shape for your portrait session. Illness does show in images. Especially if your kids are sick, their misery will most certainly be written all over their faces.

If I get sick I will let you know ASAP and you will have the choice of rescheduling if you would rather not be exposed to any germs.

Q: How much retouching do you do to the images?

A: My standard retouching, which is performed to every image, includes: Removal of blemishes, stray hairs, facial glare, and spots or dust on the clothing or background. It also includes whitening of the teeth and eyes, and a light reduction of prominent wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The idea is to finish the image while keeping you looking like you.  

If there is retouching beyond this list that you want done, it is available at an additional cost of $15 per image. This type of complex retouching includes: Braces removal, body slimming, strap mark or sunburn removal, fixing crossed eyes or glasses glare, performing head swaps and removing heavy blemishes or scars.

Q: When will I see my proofs?

A: After your session I will narrow down the images to only the BEST 40-60. Sometime during the week after your session I will alert you that they are ready for viewing, and we will schedule a viewing session to take place either in person or via Skype.

Q: Do you do reshoots or offer refunds if I am not happy with my images?

A: I work really hard so that you will love your images the first time around. Reshoots based on difference in artistic vision are offered at the discretion of the photographer only, and will not incur an additional session fee. Reshoots are not offered for unfortunate personal choices such as hair style, clothing, sunburns, wind, or other items beyond the photographer’s control. If you desire a reshoot for one of these reasons, one will be offered at a 25% session fee discount. Re-shoots must be scheduled and completed within one month from initial session.  

Q: Do you sell digital images?

A: I do sell images with a limited copyright release (meaning you can have prints made from the images, but you may not resell them).

Q: How do we pay you?

A: Cash or check are always preferred due to lack of processing fees. However, for your convenience I also offer PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Q: Do you offer an installment plan?

A: I do! You may break your order total into convenient monthly installments. Your order will be delivered upon receipt of the final installment payment to me. 

Q: How long do you save to the images from my session?

A: I archive all sessions for a period of 3 years. Then I will sadly need to let go of them to make room for new sessions.

Please contact me to let me know what type of session you are looking for and ask any more questions you may have.  I will send you more information along with my price list.